Gaurodan attacks the Canary Islands



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Gaurodan is an arcade game modeled after games from the early nineties in which players are in control of Gaurodan, the legendary thunder bird that is reborn to once again face his fearful arch-nemesis: the fire beast, Guayota.

Gameplay is very simple: you have to soar around the skies of quite large (albeit closed) scenes while trying to sow chaos and destruction at your wake. You can destroy enemy buildings, helicopters and tanks and basically shoot at just about anything that moves on the scene.

Your winged character has to constantly be on the move, which is quite a challenge for you. Controls also incorporate two different buttons to fire the deadly thunders which Guarodan shoots from his mouth: one for below and another one for horizontal.

Gaurodan is a very fun arcade game in which players can, for once, put themselves on the other side of the cannons. This time you control a fearless murderous beast while the artificial intelligence controls the army trying to shoot you down.
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